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Community Events

Plug into our community of founders, investors and hustlers from all disciplines. Meet future business partners in an informal, social environment. Beta Business' Entertainment Squad hand crafts every event we host from the ground up to ensure your time with us is well spent.

Early stage investor, serial entrepreneur +
Co-Host of Beta Business

Established serial entrepreneur, investor, and business advisor with over a decade of success establishing, funding, scaling, and exiting technology startups.

Extensive experience fostering and maintaining a robust pipeline of prospects and potential recruits to continually build on a multimillion-dollar investment portfolio comprised of 20+ businesses.

Track record of employing a highly creative and innovative mindset to conceptualize and develop products and ideas and lead cross-functional teams in the successful execution of revenue-driven, cutting-edge strategies.

Dedicated subject matter expert and consultant passionate about working alongside company founders to deliver expertise in defining strategic directions, developing an investment thesis, and conducting funding rounds to enter and scale within competitive markets.

Fundraising Coach, Investor Relations Guy + BBQ Pitmaster

Nick moved to Austin in 2009 to study at The University of Texas. He grew up in Grand Blanc, Michigan located between Detroit and Flint. In high school, he was Capitan of the Ice Hockey team and Executive Honor Caddie at Warwick Hills, formerly home country club of the Buick Open.

With support from student leaders, iconic professors and school administrators, Nick spent much of his undergraduate tenure establishing the Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency (LEA) and building UT Austin's first campus wide of undergraduate entrepreneurs and those who support them.

After graduation, Nick also helped establish UT's first fund for startups, Genesis, where he still serves as Alumni Director. Genesis has funded 30+ student entrepreneurs and trained 50+ student investors who led those deals.

More recently, Nick spent ~4 years at Capital Factory establishing their Investor Relations program which now makes thousands of investor <> founder connections every year.

As host of Beta Business and fundraising coach, Nick spends his weeks helping entrepreneurs raise money. On the weekends, he is a competitive pit master smoking Central Texas BBQ for Grand Land BBQ.

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